Logistics - trigo

Our fully owned fleet consists of MAN semi-trailer trucks with attachable light alloy bulk grain Paganini and oversized open Schwarzmüller trailers.

With our open, oversized trailers we undertake the transportation of oversized cargoes both within Hungary and abroad. The sea is no obstacle for us either! We are in daily contact with a reliable shipping company and thus we organize the ferry transport of oversized cargoes ourselves.

We strive for continuous improvement and provide accurate, economical and reliable services to our partners. Our experienced, professional staff are well prepared to handle the transport of special loads.

We have a permanent oversized license in the respective countries, which significantly reduces delivery time.

Oversized licenses:
Hungary 22,48 m 3,19 m 4,3 m
Luxembourg 25 m 3,5 m 4,3 m
Germany 23 m 3 m 4 m
Austria 25 m 3,5 m 4,2 m
Switzerland 30 m 3 m 4 m
Belgium 27 m 3,5 m 4 m
Netherlands 18 m 3,5 m 4,25 m

Other regular destinations:
Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Italy.