AGRICULTURAL product trade

Our main trading activity, accounting for the 75-80% of our income, provided almost 600 000 tons in 2014.
Each year aside from supplying Hungarian processing companies, we are responsible for more and more export traffic through railway, road or shipping transport. Our regional representatives provide support nationwide for our producer partners offering favorable daily prices, precontracting possibilities, quick and adaptive logistics.
Crops financed by TRIGO Ltd. are mainly corn, sunflower, wheat, barley and rape. The well-designed cultivation, acquisition, logistics and sales system along with the smooth cooperation all ensure that the 20 years old TRIGO Ltd. is the largest domestic grain trading company in private ownership.

Crop sales director
János Ferenczi
Deputy crop sales director
Tamás Gyurity
+36 30 656 1963
Petra Hofmann Radnótiné
+36 30 583 1815
Kálmán Lovik
+36 30 336 2924