TRIGO - about us
The exclusively Hungarian owned company was founded in 1995, as a small family venture. Since that time due to our continuous development TRIGO has became a dominant and integral part of the Hungarian crop trade and inputs trading market.
In the last 20 years our company is a trustworthy partner for the Hungarian farmers; year by year we provide comprehensive solutions for average 5000 clients. All around the country qualified sales representatives serve the clients’ needs. Annual 600 000 tons of crops are bought up, and around the same amount of storage capacity, furthermore other onsite services are available for our partners.
Our long term goals are to strengthen the relationships with our partners and to maintain our strong position on the market.
Crop trade
Our main trading activity, accounting for the 75-80% of our income, provided almost 600 000 tons in 2014.

Each year aside from supplying Hungarian processing companies, we are responsible for more and more export traffic through railway, road or shipping transport. Our regional representatives provide support nationwide for our producer partners offering favorable daily prices, precontracting possibilities, quick and adaptive logistics.
Crops financed by TRIGO Ltd. are mainly corn, sunflower, wheat, barley and rape. The well-designed cultivation, acquisition, logistics and sales system along with the smooth cooperation all ensure that the 20 years old TRIGO Ltd. is the largest domestic grain trading company in private ownership.

TRIGO Ltd. distributes inputs needed for agricultural production from Zala county to Hajdú-Bihar county. The needs of our partners are satisfied by the support of our sales team directly on our sites and in their vicinity along with our regional representatives delivering goods to our producers. An indispensable condition in order to provide a safe and season-fit supply is the existence of a storage capacity meeting requirements of legal regulation.

Our central inputs storage facility at Solt meeting SEVESO requirements grants the quick delivery of goods to our business partners by launching our own transport vehicles – meeting ADR requirements – daily. We have opened a „substorage” at Segesd in 2012 and we are also planning the expansion of storage capacity in Békés county as well in order to provide a higher standard and faster service to our partners.

Our fully owned fleet consists of MAN semi-trailer trucks with attachable light alloy bulk grain Paganini and oversized open Schwarzmüller trailers.

With our open, oversized trailers we undertake the transportation of oversized cargoes both within Hungary and abroad. The sea is no obstacle for us either! We are in daily contact with a reliable shipping company and thus we organize the ferry transport of oversized cargoes ourselves.

We strive for continuous improvement and provide accurate, economical and reliable services to our partners. Our experienced, professional staff are well prepared to handle the transport of special loads.