TRIGO - about us

TRIGO Kft., an exclusively Hungarian owned company, was founded in 1995, as a small family venture. The dynamic growth of the following years made TRIGO Kft. a dominant and integral part of the Hungarian crop trading and agricultural input market.

In the last 25 years our company has been a reliable partner to Hungarian farmers providing comprehensive solutions to 5,000 clients annually. We reach out to the farming community through a nationwide network of sales representatives with many years of professional experience and an annual crop turnover of 600,000 tons. We also offer our partners 450,000 tons of storage capacity and other services at our sites.

We strive to build long term partnerships enabling us to maintain our reliable and stable economic position.

Crop trade

Besides supplying Hungarian processing companies, TRIGO Kft. also manages a significant and annually increasing volume of export sales delivered by rail, river or road transport. Our regional representatives and senior buyers provide comprehensive support nationwide to our farming partners offering favourable daily prices, pre-harvest contracting options, quick and flexible logistics.

The main crops financed by TRIGO Ltd. are corn, sunflower, wheat, barley and rapeseed. Our well-designed growing, purchasing, logistics and sales systems combined with a seamless cooperation with our partners are the key elements that make 25-year-old old TRIGO Ltd. one of the largest private grain trading companies in Hungary.

Crop trading is our company’s main activity accounting for the 75-80% of our turnover. Corn, wheat, sunflower and barley sales – both to the domestic and the international market – account for the majority of our cca. 600 000 tons of annual trading volume. Besides supplying Hungarian processing companies, we also realize a significant and annually increasing volume of export sales delivered by rail, river or road transport.

TRIGO Ltd. distributes input materials for agricultural production nationwide, from Zala county to Hajdú-Bihar. We meet the demands of our partners through our sales team serving farmers at our sites and in the surrounding areas while also delivering directly with the assistance of our regional representatives. Sufficient storage facilities that satisfy relevant legal regulations are always a prerequisite to ensuring the secure and uninterrupted supply of inputs, including high season periods. Quick deliveries from our SEVESO compliant central warehouse in Solt are guaranteed through the daily runs organized with our own fleet of vehicles that meet ADR requirements.


Our fully owned fleet consists of MAN semi-trailer trucks with attachable light alloy bulk grain Paganini and oversized open Schwarzmüller trailers.

With our open, oversized trailers we undertake the transportation of oversized cargoes both within Hungary and abroad. We strive for continuous improvement and provide accurate, economical and reliable services to our partners. Our experienced, professional staff are well prepared to handle the transport of special loads.